MARIJA KOTRI (2002. - 2016.)

Looking through family and school photo albums, we find the familiar face of our beloved Marija. We remember her first steps, the games she loved to play, and the many precious words and moments that came from time spent together. We remember her beauty, her energy, and her exemplary manners. We remember Marija’s talents, her values, and many successes. Marija’s energy left a permanent mark on all those who knew and loved her.

Family meant everything to Marija. Her childhood was enriched by her parent’s dedication to love and understanding; to learning true values and the meaning of happiness. Her life was stimulated through play, travel and literature. All of these things made Marija the wonderful, talented individual that she was. Painting, dancing, and sports were important to her. Equally so was her passion for music. She fulfilled her desire to attend the music school in Niksic, where she received an ‘honours’ playing the piano. Such was her talent that she went on to represent the school in music competitions, where she received outstanding results and awards.

Marija attended the ‘Olga Golović’ Elementary School. She was an outstanding student and finished the 8th grade with top marks. Since her first day at school, Marija set herself apart with her demeanour, hard work and results. Her kindness, cheerful nature, and enthusiasm made her a popular student. She was always smiling, oozing positivity and energy. Her ability to accept differences and help friends in need, especially those with disabilities, highlighted her emotional and compassionate nature. Her friendly approach and immense understanding of human nature brought joy to all those who knew her.

Marija belonged to a group of exceptional and gifted students. Besides music, she possessed a natural talent for dancing, acting, artistic and literary creativity, and photography. She was also a member of the rhythm and drama club and performed at numerous events, both in school and around the city. Marija enjoyed drawing, painting, and artistic expression. Her feelings and inner beauty flowed through her work.

Nature and the environment inspired Marija. The complexity of her work was far beyond her years, especially in photography where she possessed a natural gift to perceive what was so special about nature. It was perfect, sublime, and untouchable. She had the ability to ‘record’ a photograph. There are so many pictures that highlight Marija’s talents. She was particularly drawn to literary works on ‘creativity’. She loved to write songs describing her desires and wishes for her closest friends and family.

Marija possessed an immense energy and power that could have changed the world. Its existence enriched all those who knew her. From Marija we have learnt how much love and generosity can make our lives better. Marija had only a short period of time to awaken us, strengthen us, and help us better ourselves. On June 2nd 2016, Marija was tragically killed in a train accident. Her energy has changed the dimension of heaven and its heavenly borders. She still shines above us, somewhere…

Remembering Marija awakens our strongest emotions and gives us an overwhelming desire to continue where she stood – to recognize the good in others and cherish humanity; to encourage children’s talent and creativity, developing those values that Marija herself possessed.

Nikica Gutović




Marija's creative work

To Marija, with Love