Marija Kotri Foundation is established with a wish to cherish the memory of Marija Kotri, the girl who tragically lost her life in a railway accident in the close proximity of the railway station in Nikšić.

The main aims of the Foundation:

  • Humanitarian work;

  • Promotion of children’s creativity;

  •  Generating conditions for the safety of children in traffic.

The main activities of the Foundation:

  • Helping children through humanitarian work, in the united effort with schools and other institutions;
  • Organization and preparation of formal manifestations, seminars, meetings, and other forms of education in the field of humanitarian work, children’s creativity, and safety of children in traffic;
  • Publishing books and other reading material for children;
  • Cooperate with similar organizations in Montenegro and abroad.



svetlana kotri

Svetlana Kotri


MA in technical sciences

sdjordje kotri

Đorđije Kotri

Chairman of the Board of Directors



Slobodan Bobo Dobrilović

Board member

Radio and TV NK musical program general editor


Angela Kecojevic

Board member

Children author, Teacher of creative writing at the Oxford Center, coordinator of the music theatre group "Oxford Theatre Elites"


Nikica Gutović

Board member

Head master


Vera Mićunović

Board member

MA in linguistics, Teaches language and literature at the primary school "Olga Golovic"


Milena Popović

Board member, Representative of the Music school "Dara Čokorilo"

Teaches solfege, Choir conductor at the Music school "Dara Čokorilo"


Gordana Bijeletić

Board member

Piano professor at the Music school "Dara Čokorilo"


Andro Martinović

Board member

Film and TV director, Director of the Montenegrin cinematheque, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Visual Arts, Podgorica


Vesna Sušić

Board member

Painter, Graphic designer, Art teacher


Darko Bulatović

Board member, Representative of Portal Onogošt

Founder and editor of onogost.me portal


Gordana Cerović

Board member, Representative of the primary school "Olga Golović"

The school's pedagogue